PROFESSIONAL (Headshot) Sessions

Tim offers expert tips on how to prepare for a successful and enjoyable Professional Headshot photo session.

Tim suggest taking a moment to research what top professionals in your career venue are wearing.  Be sure to foremost keep in mind your target audience. What is it that you want to be sure you are communicating to them via your wardrobe, while yet expressing your own personal style?  You want to be “fashionably current.”   Tim prefers that all of his clients have several pieces of pressed wardrobe available for the photo session.  He is happy to offer his multi-years of expertise in photo-fashion- styling in-order to help you best select what will look most complimentary on you for the overall image, as well as for the intent of targeting your photography needs. By doing this, there will no question that you are in the best mindset for a successful photo session.

Varying necklines, shirt styles and having many different layering options are key for a strong headshot wardrobe. Please bring various color options as we will usually avoid overly bright tones and shirts that lack texture.  Graphic tees with large logos and excessive patterns often will not compliment your image.

Wardrobe that looks and feels inexpensive often do not photograph as well. Textures and items which can be layered make your wardrobe more interesting. Your clothes should be wrinkle-free and without stains.  Headshots require no accessories such as chains, necklace, or earrings.

Prior to your photo session, it is highly recommended the day prior that you drink plenty of water, get a good nights rest, and eat a lite meal or snack just before your session.  Please do not come to the photo session dehydrated, tired or hungry…it will affect your energy and it will show on your face.

Lastly, you can rest assure that you are in "good hands," that your photo session will truly be an enjoyable experience, and that your are going to get some great images. Tim is a highly professional photographer who is also very respected by legendary Hollywood celebrities for his exceptional directing in a photo session.